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Mini Woolly Tug Felted Dog/Cat Toy in Pink Tweed #P6

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This fabulous dog toy is rugged and fits right in your pocket for outings with your canine friend. These Woolly Tugs are made from a blend of South American blend of Merino, Pollwarth and Corriedale sheep's wool, commercially dyed for a tweed effect.  Each Woolly Tug is felted, knotted/and or braided.  This toy is a good size for stuffing in your pocket during training and its firmness makes it easy to pull out quickly and toss accurately.


  • The Woolly Tugs are made with high quality wool fiber - no acrylic here!
  • Our Mini Woolly Tugs vary in size, from 6"-10" and .25"-.50" wide; weight is .1-.3 ounce.
  • Machine wash and dry with a load of laundry.

This is a very durable retrieval and tug toy. It is not a chew toy! For supervised games only!

This Woolly Tug is 7.5" long, .25" wide, and weighs .25 ounces.

This item gets rave reviews from dog and cat owners alike!

"Fantastic toy! So muh nicer than the massed produced toys. I purchased this for my cats & they all wanted to play with it even before I fully opened the package. Unlike commercial toys which they usually ignore. It is well made. The shop owner was nice enough to add catnip for me. They play fetch with it, rabbit it & love tossing it in the air. Thank you."

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