About Us

Living With Fiber and Loving It!

I learned to knit nearly thirty years ago and haven’t stopped!

Compliments from people who received knitted gifts were typically framed along the lines of "Wow, that looks store-bought!" We certainly strive to achieve a polished and professional look for our products, but also want to acknowledge the expertise and craftsmanship that goes in to the entire process and each piece. The last decade has seen quite the proliferation of fiber enthusiasts and fantastic fiber outlets across the country, making beautiful fiber and yarn readily available in every nook and cranny.

I dreamed of spending my days working with fiber rather than just simply sitting at a desk. Thanks to my three cats, Poni, Mowgli and Beemer, I developed interests in other areas fiber can be used, namely, the Paca Pet Pouf luxury pet bed. Every time I got my sorting table out, the cats clamored to snuggle and bask in the fiber. Clearly, they were on to something. 

We designed and tested several versions of the Pouf and currently offer three standard size, with custom sizes nearly as popular - they make fantastic dog crate pads.  We can even make round Poufs and have a new model in the works for 2016.  

The cat toys soon followed as an extension of our innovative use of fiber.

And we couldn't neglect our canine companions!

I returned to my knitting roots with our knitted accessory product line launching in 2015, with both ready to ship items and custom knit accessories in a variety of colors, offering modern knits designed for the entire family.

How did we get our name?

I get this question relatively frequently and thought it might be worth telling the story.  My first pure breed cat was a Lilac Point Balinese named Sugarboy.  Otherwise known as Nuffe for day to day purposes, he was a special cat.  He only had one kidney, but we managed to keep him going until the age of ten, when all the supportive care was no longer enough.  He lives on in our memories but his legacy is alive in our business.

What We Believe In

We pride ourselves in sourcing our raw fibers locally and acquiring finished yarn for our products from other small businesses in the United States and Canada, using only the finest materials for our finished products. Style, functionality, quality and an exceptional customer experience are the foundation of Sugarboy's business.