Custom Work

We collaborate with you so you get the perfect item, to ensure that your order fits your or your pet's needs so that you are truly satisfied and delighted with your purchase and the customer service.  Some of our current stock items started out as custom orders and are today some of our best-sellers.

Here are some great examples of common custom work that we do:

  • We routinely do custom Paca Pet Poufs - they make FANTASTIC crate pads and they can be made to fit any crate size.  
  • Need a magnet clasp for your Pooch Pouch - we make them all the time!  
  • How about belt loops for that Pooch Pouch so you can use the bag for training - we have you covered.
  • Want a sweater to warm your pup in the winter, but you can't "buy off the rack" since they're an XSmall in length, but a Medium in girth - yep, we can do that.  
  • We even make a harness hole in the sweater if that's what you need - we do that, too!

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