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Premium Fleece Kitty Nip Kicker Catnip Cat Toy in Game of Thrones Theme Dragons in Blue

Takes 1 to 3 days days to hand sew.

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These handmade kitty nip kickers are These Kitty Nip Kickers are made from a premium fleece fabric with a soft, napped finish for the ultimate in plush for extra cuddles from kitty.  They are compression resistant, eco-friendly are the perfect toy for your playful cat. Your cat will hug, toss, and kick these fabulous toys and will never tire from it.   These Kitty Nip Kickers are made from a premium minky fabric with a soft, napped finish for the ultimate in plush for extra cuddles from kitty.


  • The Kicker exteriors are made of 100% polyester low-loft premium fleece fabric with a slight stretch and soft, cuddly feel.
  • Our Premium Kitty Kickers measure approximately 2.75”  wide, 11”  long and 6" in circumference.  
  • The catnip we use is hard to come by and is the PRIME STUFF - made with flowers and leaves - the flowers are the most potent part of the plant.
  • BONUS: To ensure your toy's lasting power, I also include two tablespoons of catnip pellets so you can refresh your kicker’s potency by marinating it as needed to help keep kitty engaged with the toy over the long haul.

As you can see, Jordi is fully engaged with their Kicker - cats love to hug, toss, and kick these fabulous toys; I find them in a different room every time I pass through the house and they never seam to tire of them!

So just how good is this catnip? Well, here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

"My cats loved this at first sight, or should I say sniff." "These are SO CUTE and SO POTENT. My cat immediately knew what was up when I got the package—I hadn't even taken one out of its wrapper yet!"
"This is the second time I have purchased these from SugarBoys ... both of my kitties love, love these kickers. The fabric is great -- soft, but yet very study. I have two very strong Maine Coon kittens (13 pounds at 7 months), and, believe me, they can kick! Yet, these hold up. I "marinate" them routinely in the bags they came in and they are "loved" constantly. I ordered more because my kittens take them all over the house, so it's easier to find them!"
"This is shipping directly to a friend of mine, one of the Kickers is for her cat and the other is for her friend... they have heard me rave about them! I got one for my sister's cats a while back, she was very sceptical, but she will be ordering more too now for a few of her friends! Why throw away money on catnip toys that lose their potency in a week and get torn up so easy when you can get THESE! I will keep spreading the word 😊"


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Love it!

Thank you so much for the GOT kitty kicker! It’s so cute, great quality and the material is so soft. Kitty “Jon Snow” is gonna love it. Thank you for the great customer service and fast shipping too! I will be buying more soon. :)

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