We Finally Have a Mouser in the House!

We Finally Have a Mouser in the House!

We've had beautiful fall weather of late but as the nights get colder, small creatures look for a place to hunker down for the winter.  Well, we've had two mice in the past week, one dark gray/black, one light gray.  It was fairly exciting.  

What's funny is that it was Mowgli who found the first mouse.  Why is this funny?  Mowgli is toothless, having had bad gum disease.  The good news about that is that it's a relatively safe place for a mouse to be carried around in!  

We "think" he found it in the basement (we hope?!).  He delivered it to the TV room while we were eating dinner and of course, he let it go.  Keiki was on the job immediately, tossing it in the air.  I was horrified.  Philip caught it and put it in a plastic bag to release outside. Our hope is that the "word" is out on the street that the house has cats and not to be messed with.  

We had another one this weekend, but alas, this one didn't survive.  Keiki was playing with it on the floor and it was long since dead.  This was the lighter colored one and based on my online research, maybe it's a Whitefooted Deer Mouse?  I don't know, but it pretty clearly died of fright.

Now I know why the cats are suddenly very interested in the basement after we've gone to bed...as long as those mice don't end up in our bed, it will all be just fine!


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