Summer is the Time for Custom Orders

Summer is the Time for Custom Orders

One of my "partners in crime" is StylePurrpetrator, a mobile Certified Master Feline Groomer.  Yes, there really is such a thing and if you have a cat that needs tending, then this is THE place to have it done - they are the ONLY feline mobile groomers in the DMV.  You may ask yourself why your cat needs groomed when the cats do all of their own grooming, but really, all your cat does is lick itself, it does not clean itself.  Further, StylePurrpetrator does something any cat can benefit from - a deshed.  They remove all of the hair that would otherwise end up all over your house, then in the cat and all over your house again!  The end product is unbelievable!

I say StylePurretrator is a partner in the truest sense, as she always pushes me to try new things.  This year she ordered gift bags for her customers during the holidays.  I offered to do something I've never done before - a custom dye for her Fuzz Jingle Bell Balls.  It took me a few hours of playing mad scientist, but I managed to come pretty close.  Now I just need to see what it looks like when it dries!

Updates to follow!

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