Measuring, Cutting, Sewing, Weighing, Stuffing and More Sewing

Measuring, Cutting, Sewing, Weighing, Stuffing and More Sewing

Each week I take a look at my inventory, the time of the year, last year's sales, and determine what needs to be worked on and put on my To Do List.  When it comes to the Paca Pet Poufs, there are several steps that follow once the fiber is clean.

The first is to cut the the ticking that the fiber gets stuffed into.  I measure the fabric, cut it to the desired size based on the finished dimensions of the Paca Pet Pouf.  I then sew the Pouf to the desired shape and size.  Once that's one, I measure for the pockets.  Really, the Paca Pet Pouf is an overstuffed duvet.  

Then it's on to stuffing.  Once the second round of sewing is done, it's on to sewing.  I weigh the fiber for every pocket on the Paca Pet Pouf.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the clean fiber is stored in plastic bags.  As you can imagine, I am sure to find one of my trusty assistants in the bag of fiber while I am in between weighing and sewing - it's just too irresistible not to dive into the bag!  Those with cat allergies, have no fear, as there is another round of washing to come!

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