Rest peacefully sweet boy

Rest peacefully sweet boy

The past week was a challenging one in our home.  The month of September was a bit like kitty hospice and there's now a void in our hearts and home.  This weekend marks six years when Poni was admitted into the ICU and diagnosed with diabetic ketoasidosis due to his pancreatitis.  He was there for three days and when we brought him home, we didn't know how long he would would be with us, only that we would give him the best possible quality of life.  

Here we are six years later remembering some of his antics.  He turned 18 in July this year and I can say with confidence that he was the kitty version of the Energizer Bunny!  What an incredible life he had.  To say that he was the center of our universe is an understatement; The King ran our household.  

There are some particularly funny/stressful moments that come to mind, namely, Flaming Kitty and the Grand Adventure.  In the first scenario, Poni's fondness for butter was nearly his demise.  He straddled a candle to get to the stick of butter, never realizing that flames were licking up both of his sides.  My husband rescued him by dousing his morning coffee on Poni's tummy while the kitchen reeked of singed fur.  The Grand Adventure was Poni's foray into the great outdoors when his wanderlust took over and he escaped during our morning routine.  We realized what had happened when it was dinner time and there was one less voice in the chorus.  Poni was out roaming about overnight and to make a long story short, we hired a tracking dog to find him 36 hours later.  We never thought we'd see him again.  What a run Poni had and it goes without saying that our lives will never be the quite same without this very special kitty.

To share Poni's life and experience his love was undeniably the sweetest thing for us. In the words of Gandhi, "There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart."


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