Paca Pet Poufs From Start to Finish - An Idea

Paca Pet Poufs From Start to Finish - An Idea

I made our first Paca Pet Pouf for our three cats - they LOVED the luxuriousness of the fiber.  It's four years ago, Fourth of July, that the cats gave me the idea to make something for them.  They would bask in the fiber as I sorted it by grade.  

You know the story of how I started making these, but I haven't ever walked you through each of the steps involved in creating our handmade alpaca pet beds.  It all starts with form and function, but also aesthetics.

I wanted to design something that was cozy and practical, that would be washable and stand the test of time.  I also wanted to select natural fabrics, 100% cotton twill and fleece, selecting high quality contemporary prints.  Solids make the occasional appearance, but we tend to feature prints.  The flannel provides a lovely snuggle factor, while the twill is a sturdier fabric and is wonderful for our larger beds.

Next week I will talk about the process of making one Paca Pet Pouf, from beginning to end, including the harvest!

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