Paca Pet Pouf Pet Beds Are in the Works!

Paca Pet Pouf Pet Beds Are in the Works!

We sold out of our Paca Pet Pouf luxury pet beds this summer during Poni's birthday sale, so we had to get cracking.  There are A LOT of steps that goes into making one of our pet beds, other than the shearing and harvesting the fiber.  

First, the fiber needs to be washed.  It takes about four days to wash four to six pounds of fiber in the cast iron tub in our guest bathroom.  It takes two days to get it completely dry, more if it's humid like it was this summer, ugh.  Once it's dry, I pluck it, blend it and bag the fiber so that it's ready for stuffing our Paca Pet Poufs or to use in our felt cat and dog toys.

While the fiber is drying, I can get to work on measuring and cutting the ticking.  I then sew the cases for the Paca Pet Poufs, preparing them for the eventual stuffing.  

Once sewn, the Paca Pet Poufs are washed in the washer on the wool cycle.  It then takes two days of air drying to ensure that the Poufs are dry; again, longer if we have a sticky summer.  

Finally, I throw two Poufs into the dryer and on the delicate cycle, fluff the beds in preparations for the shows so they look their best.

So, when someone asks how much time it takes to make one of these, I can't actually say!

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