National Pet Memorial Day: Coping with the loss of a pet

National Pet Memorial Day: Coping with the loss of a pet

Honoring your pet on National Pet Memorial Day

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." ~Winnie The Pooh

The loss of a pet is the loss of a best friend, family member, companion, and the grief that accompanies it can be overwhelming. There is a reason why there is a National Pet Memorial Day: no matter how long we have our fur babies, we will remember them forever. And just like losing a loved one, the death of a pet takes time to overcome.  One way to process your grief is to take time to honor your pet. We hope you find some comfort and consider these ideas to celebrate your companion’s memory this National Pet Memorial day. 

Find comfort: remember, they loved you too. 

Did you know there is scientific evidence that your pets love you?  Oxytocin, or the "love hormone," is associated with relationship building.  As it is pointed out in this article, “dogs respond with an oxytocin surge not only when interacting with one another, but also (unlike nearly all other mammals) when interacting with humans."  Cats experience a surge of oxytocin as well, but in true cat fashion, there is less of the love hormone than with their canine counterparts. If you are grieving your pet, find comfort that you brought joy to their life.  They needed you, they loved you, and you provided them an adoring home and friendship. In the end, that's all our pet companions want.

Find a way to celebrate their memory

Posting photos on social media, sharing stories, and revisiting places that remind us of the good times with our pets is a great way to celebrate the bond you once had. But there are other ways to honor your pet while giving back to animals in need. 

Consider donating to or volunteering at a shelter, rescue, or cause in the name of your pet. Giving back will not only make you feel good: it is a way to support a pet that has not had the fortune of finding a forever home. Check out the Humane Society’s webpage for ways to give back in memory of your best friend.

Find support 

If you are finding it difficult to process the loss of your pet, know that you are not alone. When a pet leaves us: whether the cause is death, separation, or because they are lost, a piece of you feels missing. There are resources available to help guide you through the grief process and provide suggestions on dealing with the loss of a companion.


Find things to remember them by 

Many pet owners find comfort in having items around that remind them of their pets: photos, memorabilia, toys, while some opt to remove these things from their home. Sugarboys namesake is in memory of our beloved Nuffe, and all of our products are created with love and respect for the human and animal bond.  Therefore, we are happy to customize our products with breed-specific fabrics to honor the special pet in your life. 


Celebrating National Pet Memorial Day

There is no perfect way to grieve the loss of your pet so, be kind to yourself.  Don’t forget to show a little extra love to any pets you do have at home: chances are, they are missing their friend too. We know what it feels like to lose a pet. This National Pet Memorial Day, our hearts reach out to those of you who have lost a sweet friend.

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