National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day: New Pup Starter Kit

July 31st is National Mutt Day!

If you have heard the phrase “adopt don't shop,” then you will understand why there is an entire day to honor and praise mutts. Mixed breed dogs make excellent companions but are often overlooked compared to their purebred counterparts.  By choosing to adopt a pet, you are likely to find a mixed breed dog who is loyal, lovable, and deserving of a forever home! We have put together a new pet starter kit for pup parents looking to open up their hearts and home to an adoptable mutt for National Mutt Day.


National Mutt Day- Pet Beds

Making your house a home

Adopting a pet is an exciting experience, and being prepared is key to helping your new family member adjust to their forever home. According to the Preventative Vet, it's vital to set up a safe space for your pet to retreat to when they feel anxious or need a break. Entering a new home, especially after being surrendered or held in a facility, can cause your pet to be very nervous about their new surroundings. A safe space should:

*Be in an area that they naturally go to or a designated spot that has little noise

*Have food and water: spill-proof bowls are key!

*Be comfortable. The area should have good airflow, light, and temperature. And let's not forget, a cozy dog bed from Sugarboys! Our dog beds are handmade and contain local alpaca fiber for ultimate luxury and comfort no matter what the season is.  Alpaca is a lightweight fiber that is five times warmer than wool and the unique quality about alpaca is that it possesses air pockets that serve as cooling properties in the summer!


National Mutt Day: Alpaca Ball

Playful supplies

Along with a Sugarboy's bed and spill-proof water bowls, the next item in your new pet starter kit should be toys. Having play toys available helps to stimulate your dog's brain, build positive connections with you, and can be a welcome source of comfort when bringing them home for the first time. Both senior and young dogs alike enjoy the benefits of a good toy, and at Sugarboy's, we have plenty of options for your pet to tug, fetch, and catch!

Make time

Dogs are "man's best friend" and truly the best companions. It will be essential to make time for your newly adopted pup, as they will rely on you to give them the love and support they deserve. 

Walks are great mental and physical stimulation for dogs, as well as for dog owners! Make sure to have a comfortable leash, collar, or harness that is compatible with your dog, with tags noting your contact information in the event you are separated. We have you covered if you need to carry your things in a leash bag while you are out adventuring with your new best friend.


We got you covered

If you are considering adopting a dog this National Mutt Day, we got you covered! Sugarboy’s Luxury Fiber Creations has everything you need to spoil the newest member of your family. Check out our catalog to see what items you need to have the best homecoming for your dog. Happy National Mutt Day! 

Product photos courtesy of Rebekah Feng Photography


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