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National Cat Day: Cat Adoption Comeback

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”- Charles Dickens

Cat adoption increased during the pandemic

Cat’s have made a long-overdue comeback in terms of popularity, and the pandemic saw a surge in feline adoptions. The assumption that cats are antisocial is on the decline, and studies show that the concern for the health and wellness of felines is on the rise. No one is sure why felines get a bad rap compared to their canine counterparts: they make purrfectly wonderful companions! October 29th is National Cat, and if you are thinking of adopting a cat, consider this blog your sign.


Newly adopted cat took- Kit

Is there a better feeling than bringing home a new pet? If you are considering giving a cat or kitten a loving, forever home, consider these items and ways to help them transition them to their new space:

Litter box: A big bonus to being a “cat person” is that felines are fairly easy to house train. An older cat will most likely need to see the litter box location once, where a kitten may need to be placed in their box a few times to learn its location. If your new kitty seems uninterested in the litter box, try switching the brand of litter.

Food and water: Starting a healthy diet for your new cat is essential to its well-being. Consult with a veterinarian on which food they recommend for your cat’s age and health. Make sure your cat has access to water when it needs it: invest in a cat fountain as felines prefer to drink from running water. 

Cat only space: The introductory period, especially with a young cat, is crucial. It is a good idea to create a "cat's only space" for your pet during the first few days in their new home. This allows the cat to feel safe. Don’t worry, your feline friend will explore its new home on its own time. 

Toys: Just like dogs, cats benefit from playtime and toys that stimulate their natural instincts. Might we recommend some Sugaryboy’s handmade toys for your new best friend? Our products are an adorable and safe way to create a bond with your cat. Be on the lookout for items that are generously stuffed with prime quality catnip for an extra playful treat!

Halloween Safety 

Did we mention that October 27th is National Black Cat Day? Sadly, black cats have had a poor reputation for centuries based on old lore and superstition as being unlucky. Some roomers say organizations won’t adopt out black cats around Halloween, fearing they will be mistreated. Although there is no evidence to support this fear, Halloween is a dangerous time for all cats. Be sure your feline is inside and accounted for before it gets dark: cats are vulnerable during this holiday due to a large amount of human traffic, and many pets go missing this season.

Cat adoption on National Cat Day

Any month is a great time to bring home a cat in need of a loving home, and October is unique due to all the cat holidays. Sugarboy’s has everything you need to make your new felines’ homecoming memorable with customized beds, toys, and pet sweaters!  Be sure to keep your fur babies safe this Halloween, and consider giving a second chance to a deserving cat.

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