My Find Your Fade Shawl is Done!

My Find Your Fade Shawl is Done!

I finished my Find Your Fade Shawl!  This project, designed by Andrea Mowry, has been ALL the rage this year, with endless possibilities for color combinations.  I knit mine in Hedgehog Skinny Singles, an absolute favorite.  "Single" yarns are one of my absolute favorites to knit with, as they don't have a ply; it's just one strand.  Most yarns have multiple strands twisted to make a single strand.  Skinnies don't!

One of the ways I justify buying more yarn is making things in colors I don't have.  I have nothing in yellow or green and this an excellent opportunity to blend those.  I used, in this order:  Cinder, Bees Knees (a new favorite color by Beata), Pollen, Oracle (another favorite - so versatile), Banana Legs, Shamrock, and Pesto.  

Like many, I already have at least one if not two more planned!

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