Meet the Medialuna Shawl by Tina Whitmore

Meet the Medialuna Shawl by Tina Whitmore

It's our fourth year in business and one of my challenges has been balancing the business, my day job, my family and pursuing other interests.  I have decided that doing more "selfish knitting" is part of this puzzle, as it helps keep me interested in working on other projects.

This shawl is on my needles now.  Meet Medialuna by Tina Whitmore of Freia Fine Handpaints.  The colorway is Coho and it's a self-striping laceweight yarn, but to achieve this end result, Tina has you dividing the ball evenly and pulling from the center of each to get this different striping effect.  I have lusted after her yarns for quite some time and thanks to my fabulous local yarn store, Fibre Space, I can indulge!  I can't wait to see how it looks when it's blocked and finished.

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