Meet Kalani!

Meet Kalani!

I do a lot of custom pet sweaters but I don't always get photos of the recipients.  I don't make many sweaters in this size and only have one sample in an Extra Large.  Well, Kalani is an an excellent lifestyle model for this size, certainly better than the stuffed golden Labrador Retriever I have with me at shows!

Kalani is a beautiful and stately Pit Bill.  With her short coat, she appreciates the warmth our hand knit pet sweaters afford.  Made in Lorna's Laces superwash merino, it's also easy care - machine wash and air dry.

All of our sweaters are hand knit, typically from our coach with me watching TV.  This sweater is knit in Hermosa.  It's a beaded rib pattern with a turtleneck, which is an excellent choice for this breed since it provides a bit more protection.  I'm thinking this sweater is providing Kalani some comfort on these cool fall days.


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