Last Show of the Year!

Last Show of the Year!

It's been a VERY long time since I have made these, but the hand felting really takes a toll on my neck and shoulders; they're all hand felted.  It's a great way to keep my Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist gainfully employed!  That said, I will have a few Fuzz Felted Mice ready for our last show of the season. 

We'll be at the Arts & Crafts Show at Audrey Moore Rec Center, Saturday, December 2, 9am-4pm and Sunday, December 3, 10:00am-3:30pm.  The address is 100 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA 22003.

I will post any remaining Fuzz Felted Mice on the website after the show, but given that I've taken pre-orders for them already, I don't think there will be any left!


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