Kitty Nip Kickers Are Back In Stock!

Kitty Nip Kickers Are Back In Stock!

Our Kitty Nip Kickers are one of our best sellers.  Some folks say it's the fabric selections we have available, but I am convinced that it all boils down to the catnip.  These handmade cat toys are lovingly and generously stuffed with a heaping one-half cup of organic catnip.  The catnip we use is hard to come by and is the PRIME STUFF - made with flowers and leaves - the flowers are the most potent part of the plant.

We have LOTS of different fabrics in stock, so if you don't see something you like, just send us a note and we can provide you with an abundance of color selections.

Jordy the Ragdoll is rocking his Twill Glam Sweet Potato Kitty Nip Kicker!

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