Keiki Arrives!

Keiki Arrives!

On Wednesday, June 14, I flew to Buffalo, NY to collect Keiki from Kokiri Cattery.  His full name is Keiki ali'i Kuekena, or, the Swedish Prince.  His dad is Torparkatten's Sheridans of Kokori, who has Vivelkatten in his lines, which means both he and Keiki are distant relatives to my first cat Sugarboy!  Like the original kitty, he's a lilac point Balinese, or a semi-longhaired Siamese.

Here is Keiki is in his tiny little harness getting ready to go through security.  He worked the people at the airport like he was a pro, charming everyone he met.  It will be two weeks this week that he's been with us and we'll start introducing him to the rest of the household.  Stay tuned for updates on how our youngest family member is doing.

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