Inspiration from a Fibre Space Workshop with Stephen West

Inspiration from a Fibre Space Workshop with Stephen West

I have been inspired by my workshop with Stephen West @westknits at a @fibrespace workshop earlier this summer.  I was especially thankful for the opportunity to pick the master's brain about color pairings.  Stephen selected yarns from my stash for my first marled project, his Marled Fade Triangle, which features a brioche ribbing at the end.  He choose colors that I never would have dreamed of pairing.  A large part of the fun is that your'e holding two strands of different colors together to get that perfect marled look.  It also means that the end result is going to be a bit of surpise!

The colors are as follows, all done in @hedgehogfibres yarns:  Bees Knees+Pine (both skinny singles); Bees Knees+Artifact(skinny+sock), Artifact+Fools Gold (sock+skinny),  Fools Gold+Oracle (skinny+skinny) , Oracle+Graphite (skinny+sock).  

This selfish knitting project was loads of fun, nearly instant gratification, too.  I can't wait for the weather to cool down enough to use it, as it's quite a substantial piece.

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