Paca Pet Poufs are LOVED by Our Fur Babies!

Paca Pet Poufs are LOVED by Our Fur Babies!

The whole concept of the Paca Pet Pouf was the result of my cats showing me time and again how much they LOVED the alpaca fiber. We've been able to share that love with many other fur babies during our time in business.  While the Original Paca Pet Pouf is our best seller since it accommodates a wide range of pets and fits in a standard crate and carrier, there are numerous custom Poufs that are routinely made.  

One of my all time favorites are the Poufs I made for a cat tree.  As you can see, the kitties are thoroughly enjoying their hand made perches with the added luxury of a Paca Pet Pouf on each limb.  What a clever idea!  This was also the first time I made round Poufs, which required the assistance of a Math professor at work.

What was especially fun for me on this project was that I was able to find wood grain flannel in three different colors to match the theme of the tree and the log supports.

So, yes, we do custom work and have tons of fun doing it!

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