FALL in love with Sugarboy's Creations

FALL in love with Sugarboy's Creations

It’s sweater weather!

halloween pet ideas_ pet costumes

“When given the opportunity, wear a costume.” – Unknown.

It is finally time to bust out your Sugarboy’s handknit sweaters and walk your dogs in style! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy it when I find an item that fits multiple purposes.  That’s why we came up with some quick and easy DIY pet costumes that should be simple to complete from your own home. Halloween isn’t just for kids: your furry loved ones can celebrate too, and we have all the things you need to make this year special!

Sugarboy's_dog bandana_pet ideas_pet holiday

Giddy up doggy

Our adorable Halloween themed bandanas are festive for your pet to wear on walks or around the home this October. But, if paired with a cowboy hat, you have yourself a Halloween costume! Add a small or regular size cowboy hat to give your pup a western look. Our bandanas are 100% cotton, can be washed in your machine, and adjustable to fit your dog’s size.  

Sugarboys_pet holiday_cute pet costumes_ dog bandana

Best Friend to Best Matey

Another cute pet costume idea is to transform your Sugarboy’s bandana by adding a DIY eyepatch. You can make an eyepatch from felt and string or other similar materials found in your home.  If you want to go all out, add a pirate hat and toy sword to complete the look!

Sugarboy's_pet ideas_pet holiday _sweater weather

Professor Pooch 

As if your pet doesn’t look sophisticated enough in their Sugarboy’s sweater, adding a pair of fake glasses will give them an authentic professor pooch look. You could even add a tie and long sleeve shirt underneath to get the full effect. These sweaters can be custom made to fit your dog: check out our website for additional colors!  

Halloween catnip_pet ideas

Don’t forget the kitties.

It wouldn’t be a Sugarboy’s blog if we didn’t include something for the felines! Check out our adorable Halloween treats, available with or without catnip!  Not only will your kitties appreciate the gift, but these are also a great way to have a little Halloween decor rolling around the house.

Tip: collect all are 4 Karma Cat Catnip toys and set up a cute Halloween photoshoot with your pet!

All product-related photos by Rebekah Feng Photography
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