Easy Peasy Selfish Knitting

Easy Peasy Selfish Knitting

Anyone who knits has favorites...yarn, designers, projects, accessories.  Well, I happen to have some of each of those with a current selfish knitting project.  

I'm working on Stephen West's Dotted Rays shawl in Hedgehog Fibers Skinny Singles.  It's the colorway Dove; I snagged it at my local yarn store Fibre Space in the spring.  I LOVE this yarn.  Squishy and soft, with just the right amount of twist! Absolutely non-scratchy yarn. Will work for any lace pattern, especially Stephen West designs for fingering weight yarns.  It's a perfect fit, and I discovered at TNNA this summer, this blue color is challenging to achieve.

I have been storing it in a knitting project bag from Little Skein in the Big Wool; she has PHENOMENAL fabrics, many of which she designs herself and is available on Spoonflower.  Check out the bunnies!

And, I'm keeping my beautiful coveted yarn in one of my Chic-a yarn totes, which we'll be offering on the website this fall!  This is a terrific little yarn keeper that can travel anywhere with you and is in one of Chic-a's signature colors and patterns.  The bag not only will your yarn stay clean, but it will also stay protected. No more fussing with wound up yarn that wants to unravel - simply put it in your Yarn Keeper and start your project hassle free. A clear top lets you keep track of how much yarn you have left before needing to replenish your supply.  AWESOME!

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