Deadline for Custom Work for Holiday Delivery

Deadline for Custom Work for Holiday Delivery

This is a custom Paca Pet Pouf for a Giant Pyrnee, which means the bed outisizes my cutting table at 30"x36"!  This will be done this week, shipped off and arrive in time for the holiday! 

With that, we've reached the point that I will not be taking any more custom orders for Christmas delivery.  I just experienced first hand how disappointing and/or frustrating it is when things don't arrive as scheduled.  I've got a cat toy component that should have arrived on Saturday...UPS lost my package.  Who knows where it is.  The search continues and I'll be placing a new order from the supplier today, requesting over night delivery since I'm desperate for it!

If you have a smaller project in mind and live nearby, please ask, as I may be able to accommodate the request (say, a jingle bell toy), but all orders for custom sweaters and beds will not be ready for delivery until the new year.


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