Finish Sewing, Washing and Drying

Finish Sewing, Washing and Drying

Once a Paca Pet Pouf is sewn, it gets washed again.  I wash them on the wool cycle in our washer, using Kookaburra Delicate Wash.  This is my "go to" for anything that is made with a protein fiber.  The was is a plant based alternative to “traditional” laundry detergents. It is a unique blend of Tea Tree and Lavender clean, deodorize and soften all types of fibers (silk, cotton, rayon microfibers like Lycra, Spandex and today’s microblends). The low suds, rinse optional concentrate is perfect for machine washing whether in a traditional or high efficiency washer and is ideal for hand washing delicates.  Delicate is hypoallergenic for those with detergent sensitivity, but is gentle on fibers, tough on stains and odors.

I also use Kookaburra Delicate Wash for all of my handknitted items.  I wet block everything in it, so when you purchase something from us, it's always washed and ready to wear upon delivery!

Once the Paca Pet Pouf is washed, it's hung for drying, which we allow two days for to ensure that it's truly dry and ready for shipping and use!


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