Adventures in Dying Fiber

Adventures in Dying Fiber

I dyed a bit of fiber over the Easter holiday.  I do have some stock colors that I keep dying since folks are drawn to some more than others.  I like having a good selection on hand, as you just never know when a customer might want a particular shade of blue or green to make their hand felted cat and dog toys with

There are four pots and two of them should be the same color.  The pots at the back of the stove look just fine - Flamingo Pink.  The front ones, however, are a different story.  I'm not a hard scientist, but I knew something was fishy when I poured the same dye stock, freshly made, into the two dye pots only to see that one turned blue and one turned purple.  Now, this was the second time this happened within a span of a few days and attributed the first occurrence to my being sloppy with the dye mixes in bottles next to the stove.

Needless to say, I'm curious, so I emailed one of my good friends, Amor Valdez, of Crave Yarn in New Mexico.  She thinks I'm an illusionist....I say mad scientist!  I gave her the details of my process, so stay tuned for what she thinks happened along the way!

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