A Long-Awaited Wristlet is Finally DONE!

A Long-Awaited Wristlet is Finally DONE!

My photographer, Rebekah Feng, has been very patiently waiting for a wristlet. Last summer when I sent her a batch of our Pooch Pouches, she wondered if I might make her a wristlet.  Rebekah wanted something that she carry her phone and wallet in, but isn't too big and has a little strap on it.  It's a single pocket, with a zipper, and of course, features one of our charms and has a split ring/pull tab for easy opening and closing.

She has admired many of my fabric choices and when she found one that reminded her of Dash, one of her two rescue dogs, we knew it was a winner.  Rebekah selected Riley Blake's Puppy Time and I think it's a pretty good match!  Who knows, maybe this little wristlet will become a permanent fixture in our product line?  That was the birth or our Pooch Pouch, so you just never know!

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