Tigger's Tantalizer Felted Mouse Cat Toy in Lotus

These hand felted tantalizing mice are made of 100% Merino sheep's wool. Each mouse is handmade through a process of dying the fiber and felting it to the desired shape, and as such, is unique; no two are alike!

  • The Tantalizers are made with high quality merino wool fiber - no acrylic here!
  • The mice are safe for kitty since there are no parts to pull off and digest.
  • Easy for your feline friend to carry in their mouth, yet not too small as to create a choke risk.
  • Rugged construction allows for tug-of-war games, without damage to the toy.
  • Our Tantalizers vary in size, 11-30" in length from tip to end, .5-1" wide for the mouse body, .25-.75" for the teaser cord, and they weigh up to 10-20+ grams.Washable - hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle; reshape and air dry.
  • Want catnip too!? These can be steeped in catnip tea and shipped with a bag of catnip pellets to recharge your toy! NO EXTRA CHARGE! Note, however, that it make take an extra day to ship this item with the catnip since we infuse it with catnip tea and the item must be dry before it's packaged.
  • Send us a note if you want your toy infused with our fabulous and fragrant organic catnip!


Cats love to leap and do cartwheels with these adorable little toys and in our house, the Fetcher in our house really digs them!

This Tantalizer is 13" long, the cord is .5" wide, the mouse body 1" wide, and it weighs 14 grams.

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