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Original Paca Pet Pouf Pet Bed With Solid Pansy Flannel Cover

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The Paca Pet Pouf by Sugarboy’s is a unique handmade pet bed and quite possibly the best bed your canine and/or feline companion can have! These beds were inspired by my three cats, Poni, Beemer and Mowgli, who discovered the fabulous plush qualities of alpaca while I was sorting fiber.

Our lifestyle model, Miss Nina, is lounging on one of our Popular Paca Pet Poufs (this is a custom order - please contact us for more information.  

Why Alpaca?

  • It provides ultimate luxury and comfort year round
  • Lightweight fibers that are five times warmer than wool
  • Air pockets that possess cooling properties in the summer

This is the Original Paca Pet Pouf pet bed, 18” wide by 24” long and 2" thick.

  • The pouf is made with 100% cotton ticking.
  • Filled with 24 ounces of domestic alpaca fiber. 
  • The cover is 100% cotton flannel, 4 ounces in weight. 
  • The Covers are made with an envelope to ensure that the Pouf stays inside the cover.
  • Plastic snaps provide extra security to ensure the Pouf does not come out. 
  • The seams are generous one-half inch and over locked to provide durability to the finished product. 
  • All fabric is pre-washed to control for shrinkage.
  • Waterproof cover available.

How do you clean it? Please, listen to our advice, as we learned this the hard way and you have a few options, listed in order of preference:

  • The Pouf is machine washable provided you have a wool setting on a front-load washer; even delicate settings on machines agitate the fiber stuffing too much, resulting in felting; FRICTION IS THE ENEMY with protein fibers! Air dry and the Pouf is ready for use again. 
  • Hand soaking and machine spinning is otherwise the desired method. Air dry and the Pouf is ready for use again. 
  • Top rack of the dishwasher on a delicate or top rack only setting, using Cascade or other detergent. Air dry and the Pouf is ready for use again. 
  • Dry cleaning.
  • The cotton cover is machine wash and dry. 
  • If you prefer a crisp look, iron on a cotton setting.

While we think the beds speak for themselves, our customers clearly know best!
"I am really glad I found these, they are extremely well made, and they're gorgeous. My cat tends to be finicky with beds but she took to it immediately and has been using it every day since! The concept behind it is very clever as well. I'm extremely happy with this and would definitely recommend it for all owners of spoiled cats :)."

"Very beautiful and well made. My rescue kitty loves it. Thank you!"



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