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Kookaburra Delicate is a plant based alternative to “traditional” laundry detergents. Our unique blend of Tea Tree and Lavender clean, deodorize and soften all types of fibers (silk, cotton, rayon microfibers like Lycra, Spandex and today’s microblends). The low suds, rinse optional concentrate is perfect for machine washing whether in a traditional or high efficiency washer and is ideal for hand washing delicates.


  • Low suds
  • Rinse optional - detergent free concentrate reduces fiber breakdown, limiting fading, extending the life of your washables.
  • Perfect for machine washing whether in a traditional or high efficiency washer and is ideal for hand washing delicates and hand knits. 
  • Hypoallergenic for those with detergent sensitivity.
  • Gentle on fibers, tough on stains and odors.
  • Combines the deodorizing power of tea tree oil with the conditioning, fiber enhancing qualities of lanolin, coconut and jojoba bean oils leaving your washables clean, fresh and amazingly soft. 
  • Kookaburra is effective at any temperature. 
  • No additional softeners are required.
  • Contains no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or alkali. 
  • Colorfast. 
  • Kookaburra products are plant based cleaners that are safe for all septic systems and the environment. 
Use Kookaburra to launder
  • Sugarboy's Paca Pet Poufs
  • Woolens
  • Hand knit or hand woven items
  • Down (pillows, sleeping bags, comforters)
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Sheepskin (washable)
Washing Instructions
  • Top Loading Machines: Measure 1-2 fl. ounces for a large load and half the quantity for a small load. 
  • Front loading (HE) machines use ½ to 1 ounce. 
  • Hand wash: Measure 1 tsp. to 1 gallon of cold or lukewarm water. Rinse with cold water (rinsing is optional). 
  • Sheepskin products – Use 2 ounces of wash per skin to launder and maintain the comfort and therapeutic properties. Our unique wash removes stains while lubricating both skin and wool fiber. High temperature sheepskin may be washed in temperatures up to 170 F.
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Contains Nut Oil.
  • Do not ingest.

What do customers think about this product?
"I just love your products. I have a lot of wool cycling clothes that I use Kookaburra Wash on. It is so gentle and smells great. I bought the Delicate for my 22 month old grandsons stuff, he has allergies and washing his sheets, blankets and clothes in the Delicate has helped him a lot. I will be buying more soon. I enjoy being able to buy the larger 1 gallon size." James Tuten, Stone Mountain, GA

"I use the Delicate on my infant’s clothes. Clothes come out soft, clean and smelling wonderful. With a little pre-scrub before washing it has even taken out what I thought would have been stain because of a very messy diaper." Amber

"The Kookaburra Wash is indispensible for my knitting projects and my wool sewing projects. I wouldn’t trust either to any other textile cleaner. My time and my clients’ investments are both too precious to entrust to something that only “may work”. The Kookaburra Delicate keeps my lingerie in like new condition; Kookaburra Scour actually cleans my husband’s clay impregnated clothes! Kookaburra Wash keeps our whites looking pristine and our colors looking vibrant! Can you tell I am a real fan of your products!" Hilda Kauffman

"Kookaburra is one of a handful of products made in the States that gives true value for it’s price. Initially I only used the Wash, but am equally wowed by Delicate and Power. I threw out my other multi-purpose cleaners and rely on Power for all surfaces around my apartment. Ordering is easy and delivery is prompt." Megan- New York, NY

"You should have infomercials about Delicate. I am a silk fanatic and I don’t use anything else on my silk garments. I have tried everything and Delicate is the best silk wash ever!"

"I only used Kookaburra Delicate on my 2 youngest sons and even during the summer heat no rashes or irritation on their skin. I wish I had Delicate for my first 2." PF, CO

Always refer to manufacturers instructions when laundering with Kookaburra Wash.

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