Fuzz/Fetch! Jingle Bell Ball Wool Ball Cat/Dog Toy

This durable, washable cat/dog ball toy is made with alpaca fiber and a Corriedale hybrid sheep wool. Each felted ball is handmade through a process of dying the fiber and felting it to the desired shape. With this, each ball is unique - no two are alike!

This ball is identical it's predecessor, except that it's big, much like a baseball, so it's perfect for those larger cats and dogs. The Cat, fka Prince, is getting his groove on with one of our original Fuzz! Jingle Bell Balls.


  • Plastic ball, 2-3 metal bells inside for added amusement
  • Corriedale hybrid sheep wool and alpaca exterior
  • Each ball is approximately 2.75-3" in diameter, weighing approximately 
  • The ball can easily be cleaned by brushing with a damp cloth, or, refresh the ball by placing it in your washing machine with a load of laundry. Air dry.

And, if you wonder whether they are popular, check out the action by The Cat, formerly known as Prince, or for short, The Cat. And this is what The Cat's caregiver has to say about these toys: "You may remember me: we met at the National Capital Cat Show .... and you gave me two jingle balls for free. I can't thank you enough for that gift - the cat absolutely loves them. He chases them all around the apartment and plays fetch with them."

Want solid alpaca balls with no bells inside? We have you covered! Check our extensive collection of Fetch! Dog Balls in a wide variety of sizes and colors, or our Fuzz/Fetch! Balls that have a solid alpaca core and best of all, you can get them with catnip.

All of our items are made with love in a smoke free home and stored in a pet free room in plastic bins until ready for shipping.

Don't see a color you like? Please contact me and let's see what we can do to meet your needs. It can take up to two weeks for your order to arrive, depending upon my show schedule.


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