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Fuzz! Felted Catnip Mouse Cat Toy in Cool Aqua

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These hand felted mice are made of a Corriedale hybrid sheep's wool. Each mouse is handmade through a process of dying the fiber and felting it to the desired shape, and as such, is unique; no two are alike! The mice are steeped in organic catnip tea, then marinated in a bag of catnip pellets for hours of nip licking fun. Notice those little tiny flakes that are still on the mouse - not dirt but beautiful and aromatic catnip!

  • The mice are made with high quality wool fiber - no acrylic here!
  • The tails are made of luxury fiber yarn and felted on to the body - you can cut these off if you're concerned your fur baby will eat it!
  • BONUS: To ensure your toy's lasting power, I also include one tablespoon of catnip pellets so you can refresh the potency of the toy by marinating it as needed to help keep kitty engaged with the toy over the long haul.

The cats seem to enjoy them because they're small enough to easily carry around in a feline mouth. Cats also love to hug, toss, rub, and lick these fabulous toys; I find them in a different room every time I pass through the house and they never seam to tire of them!

Our mice vary a bit in size, ranging from approximately 3" long and 1.5" wide up to approximately 7" long and 1.5" wide (not including the tail), and weighing 3 grams up to 11 grams.

NOTE: Ear and tail colors may vary from what is shown in the photos; selection is for the body color only.

How much fun are these toys?! Here's what our customer say:
"This is a great little mouse. It gets a LOT of "love" from my kittens. It's cute, but, more importantly, quite well made."

"Fun and natural toys are just what I was looking for. These are very well made and will hold up nicely under kitties attacks!"

Many thanks to Rebekah Feng Photography for making our products come alive!

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