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Fetch3.5! Natural Alpaca Dog Ball in Gray Gotland - DYE FREE

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The Fetch3.5! is one of our larger Fetch! alpaca dog balls in the line-up; sized for medium and large dogs.  This durable, washable dog ball toy is made with alpaca fiber and Gotland sheep wool and is exclusively with undyed, natural alpaca and sheep fiber. Each felted ball is handmade through a process of felting it to the desired shape, and as such, each one is unique.


  • Alpaca fiber core
  • Gotland wool exterior
  • The ball is hard and dense; no fluff here!
  • Durable and bouncy solid ball with a slightly fuzzy surface.
  • Each ball is approximately 3.25-3.4" in diameter, weighing approximately 3.5-3.65 ounces.
  • Natural wool will get fuzzy with play but can be renewed by washing. Place it in your washing machine with a load of laundry. Air dry or in the clothes dryer.

This is a very durable retrieval toy. It is not a chew toy! For supervised games only!

These balls are one of our best sellers and customers love them!
"These are wonderful toys, especially for pups who don't like or can't tolerate a hard toy. They're easy to throw & catch, and land softly in the mouth...just terrific!"

"These are the only balls I've found that dogs can't tear apart."

Lifestyle photos courtesy of Rebekah Feng Photography.

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