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Jingle Bell Mouse in Edgewater

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These mice are hand knit from high quality yarns I have collected over the years, creating a toy containing a variety of luxury fibers, including baby alpaca, angora, merino, silk, cashmere, and blue faced leicester. Inside each mouse is a plastic ball and bell for added fun.

  • Each mouse is approximately 3" long (not including the tail) and 2" wide.
  • They are stuffed with Kapok, a fiber that I have grown to LOVE due to it's fabulous properties (compression resistant, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly alternative to polyester fiber fill and biodegradable). Kapok is produced as part of the seed pod of the world's largest tree species, Ceiba pentandra.
  • The plastic ball is a sturdy one - not one of those lattice balls that crush easily when stepped on.
  • These are especially nice for kitty since there are no parts to pull off and digest. Kitty will no doubt go ga-ga over their new toy!

NOTE:  Tail and ear color may vary as we restock; selection is for the body color.

How fun are these mice?

"During fetch, he likes to drop his toys on my feet and have an epic struggle for re-control....He loves returning with the mouse, dropping it on my feet, then wrestling with my feet to get the mouse."

 Many thanks to Rebekah Feng Photography for our lifestyle photos!  

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