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Fuzz/Fetch! Mini Wool Balls Toy for Cats/Small Dogs 5 Pack of Fun

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This durable, washable cat/small dog ball toy is made with Romney wool and a Corriedale hybrid sheep wool.  This new ball is a smaller version of our Fuzz/Fetch! Dog/Cat Ball Trio, measuring 1" in diameter.  These also have a solid core of alpaca and no bell!  Each felted ball is handmade through a process of dying the fiber and felting it to the desired shape.  

This durable, washable dog ball toy is made with alpaca fiber and a Corriedale hybrid sheep wool. Each felted ball is handmade through a process of dying the fiber and felting it to the desired shape, and as such, each one is unique.


  • Romney wool fiber core
  • Corriedale hybrid sheep wool exterior
  • The ball is hard and dense; no fluff here!
  • Each ball is approximately 1 inch/2.5 centimeters in diameter, weighing approximately .25-.35 ounces/7-10 grams; comes in a pack of five.
  • Durable and bouncy solid ball with a slightly fuzzy surface.
  • Natural wool will get fuzzy with play but can be renewed by washing. Place it in your washing machine with a load of laundry. Air dry or in the clothes dryer.

Your purchase is a pack of five balls. We pick the colors unless you contact me with a particular color preference. The color stock varies throughout the year.

And, if you're getting them for your cat, we can give them to you steeped in our very best catnip tea - YUM! No extra charge, just choose the catnip option before you check out. It will take an extra day or two since we steep and dry them, but trust me, it's worth the wait!  We include two tablespoons of catnip pellets to recharge the catnip too!

Here's what our customers think about these balls!

"I've never seen my cat so jazzed about a toy before, what a delight! Great communication and fast shipping too, thanks so much! :)"

"Boys. Grown monsters. Loved the balls. They each picked the big heavy balls to snuggle. Love love love.... Moms are hoarding the catnip balls =)."

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