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Great Dane Sweaters 3XL, 4XL and 5XL in Edgewater

Takes 7-14 days to hand knit

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Our custom dog sweaters are handmade dog sweaters incorporating classic and prized design to remind you of warmth and nature. The classic knitted dog sweater is handmade in the USA by me.  Perfect for walks in the winter, fall and even spring. The wool dog sweater is also perfect for home

Made from superwash merino, these custom knit dog sweaters are perfectly tailored and soon become your dog’s favorite outfit. You will love the superb quality of our wool dog sweaters made of 100% wool!

Our lifestyle model, Maggie, a truly handsome and stately Great Dane, is wearing the largest sweater size, 5XL, which accommodates her chest of 43" and her back length of 38". ur lifestyle model, Lulu, is an eight week old Labrador Retriever puppy, wearing an XXSmall Beaded Rib sweater, sporting a a polo collar.


Dogs come in all shapes, so it is important to pick the sweater size based on the chest measurement.

  1. To determine the chest size, measure around the dog’s chest at the largest point.
  2. Finished sizes vary because ribbing stretches and can be blocked to different sizes. Pick a size where your dog’s chest measurement is near the middle of the range given.
  3. To determine the length of the sweater, measure your dog’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  4. Please contact me if the above sizes do not accommodate your furry companion. 

There are three standard sizes to choose from:

  • 3XL - dog's back length-30”
  • 4XL - dog's back length-34”
  • 5XL - dog's back length-38"

The finished sweater will be knitted to the appropriate length and chest dimension for your dog based on the measurements you provide with your order.

Can't Buy "Off the Rack"?
The measurements provided are for the standard sweater, but you can purchase any of our sweaters in a special size or color.

This sweater model features a CUSTOMIZED belly band instead of a chest panel for our barrel chested dogs. The belly band is 6" wide with button loops; we adjust the length based on your needs. The chest panel is closed with our JUL Pedestal buttons: The sweater price does NOT include the buttons. You can always use your own buttons, just let me know what size so I can make the loops to fit.


I will require a few additional measurements from you post purchase to ensure a perfect fit, so expect an email me from shortly after you place your order.

Maggie's sweater dons a turtleneck. There are four different collar options to choose from: polo, crew, turtleneck or mock turtleneck; be sure to indicate the one you want with your order in the notes section of your order.

Wool sweaters are wardrobe staples for autumn and winter months and merino wool is one of the most versatile and resilient fibers. Other fibers have yet to mimic its natural benefits of renewable, soft next to the skin, and biodegradable.
Your wool dog sweater can be safely washed in a washing machine if it is made of superwash merino.
1. Turn it inside out and use a laundry bag.
2. Add a wool detergent, preferably a Woolmark-approved detergent like Soak, which will not degrade the fibers if not thoroughly rinsed.
3. Set your machine cycle to the wool setting. If your machine does not have one, use the cold water wash and/or the delicate cycle.

You may also hand wash your treasured custom knit dog sweater. I always hand wash all of my hand knits to maintain their beauty.
1. Fill a small tub with clean, lukewarm water.
2. Add a wool detergent, preferably a Woolmark-approved detergent like Soak, which will not degrade the fibers if not thoroughly rinsed.
3. Gently place your wool dog sweater in the tub to ensure it’s saturated; soak for 10 minutes.
4. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.

How to dry your handmade wool dog sweater.
1. Roll in a towel to blot and absorb excess water.
2. Unroll the towel gently remove the handmade dog sweater.
3. Reshape the sweater or original size.
4. Dry flat out of direct sunlight or in the shade. NEVER HANG your wool dog jumper, as it will stretch the garment.

Please contact me if the above sizes do not accommodate your furry companion. I hand-knit all of the pet sweaters so your order may take 3-4 weeks to arrive, depending upon my show schedule, pending orders, yarn selection, and requests for custom sizes.

***Photos and lifestyle models courtesy of Rebekah Feng Photography!


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