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Cat & Dog Pet Sweaters in Whisper

Takes 21-28 days to hand knit
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Cat & Dog Pet Sweaters in Whisper

These sweaters are custom knit to provide thermal warmth to your furry companion as well as a good fit. We also emphasize using luxury fibers that are machine washable since we know that caring for a knitted item is critical. The sweaters are made of superwash merino, dyed by one of several accomplished and phenomenal independent dyers.  

Our lifestyle model, Holly, is a Standard Beagle mix, wearing a medium in the beaded rib pattern, sporting a mock turtleneck. 

Sizing Please read and follow the instructions. There are five standard sizes to choose from. Approximate measurements for each size are:

  • XXS - dog's back length-10”; dog's chest dimension-12”; finished chest sweater dimension- 9.5”-14” 
  • XS - dog's back length-12”; dog's chest dimension-14”; finished sweater chest dimension-11”-16.25” 
  • S - dog's back length-14”; dog's chest dimension-16”; finished sweater chest dimension-12.5”-18.5” 
  • M - dog's back length-16”; dog's chest dimension-18”; finished sweater chest dimension-14”-20.75” 
  • L - dog's back length-20”; dog's chest dimension-22”; finished sweater chest dimension-17”-25.25” 
  • We make XL, XXL and larger sizes - just ask!
Sizing Notes  Dogs come in all shapes, so it is important to pick the sweater size based on the chest measurement.
  1. To determine the chest size, measure around the dog’s chest at the largest point.
  2. Finished sizes vary because ribbing stretches and can be blocked to different sizes. Pick a size where your dog’s chest measurement is near the middle of the range given.
  3. To determine the length of the sweater, measure your dog’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
  4. Please contact me if the above sizes do not accommodate your furry companion. 

Custom Size Pricing  We routinely knit custom sweaters; many cats and dogs are simply not "off the rack" sizes.  We can typically accommodate many custom adjustments without impacting the price of the standard sweater.  However, if there is a significant deviation from the standard sizes in terms of length or girth, there may be an a charge for additional yardage of yarn required as well as the labor.  Please order according to your pet's size and contact me if you have any questions or require some customization.

Need a minor change to the standard sweater, e.g., a little length?  Write me a note or send me an email when you place your order.

I save all of my custom order forms from shows.  If you have ordered a sweater before and received some customization then I retain that information for my records.  Just write a reminder in a note to me when you place your order.

Care Instructions  The sweaters are knit from luxury fibers and should be cared for gently. Generally speaking, we use fibers that tolerate machine settings, so we recommend that you either wash the sweater by hand or if in the machine, in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle with cool water with a load of laundry or on its own. No fabric softener, please. Reshape and lay flat to dry. Because this yarn is hand dyed, it may bleed the first few washes. If you are washing the sweater in the machine with other laundry, use a color catcher in the lingerie bag.

Additional washing tips and suggestions

  • Detergent – we recommend something that if not fully rinsed out, will deteriorate the fiber. Woolite, Soak, or Kookaburra Wash are all terrific and can all be used for hand washing or in the machine.
  • If you would like a snugger fit for your sweater, this can be achieved with some attention to detail. You can wash the sweater in a regular load of laundry, warm setting. Remove promptly and stretch to the size you need. Note that the sweater will shrink about 1-2” in both directions and this is permanent! DO NOT USE HOT WATER TO ACHIEVE THIS!

Our beautiful lifestyle photos are the work of Rebekah Feng Photography!

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